Resources on Blogs as Digital Portfolios

The Principal of Change

As more organizations and classrooms are looking at “digital portfolios”, I wanted to compile some of the information I have either curated or created on the topic.  I really believe in creating a blog as a digital portfolio, which is more than simply a blog, and more than simply a portfolio, but a combination of the best of both worlds.  The blogging component is hugely beneficial to show growth of learning over time, while also developing multiple facets of literacy, while a “portfolio” adds a component that gives us an opportunity to show our best stuff.

A Blog/Portfolio (perhaps a “blogfolio”), is great for learning purposes because it gives the creator of the space an opportunity to showcase learning while building a digital footprint that will be beneficial long after their time in schools.  It also allows students multiple ways to showcase their learning since basically anything I can see or hear, I can now make digital and link into their space.  The possibilities are endless.

If you want to learn more about this process, please feel free to check out the links below.

“Who Owns the Learning” (Discussing why it is important that students have ownership over their portfolios)

5 Reasons Your Portfolio Should Be Online

5 Reasons Your Portfolio Should Be A Blog

Our Digital Portfolio Project

Curation as Portfolio Activity

Blog As Portfolio (Video)

Blog as Portfolio (Workshop)

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