Teaming Up On Shakespeare: New Technologies, Old Plays, and Creative Collaboration with the Bard.”

An interesting article from Bill Mottolese!

CAIS Commission on Professional Development

A big part of teaching a complex work of literature is directly confronting the battlements that students have erected around themselves. Many students have had bad experiences with Shakespeare, having been made to read it too young, too independently, too fast or as a static old text on the page, not a living play. Many students raise the white flag before the broil has even begins. “Why can’t he just say it?” “Why do we have to read that old English?” Anyone who has taught Shakespeare’s plays has heard some version of these refrains. For many students, “present fears are less than horrible imaginings” for real.

Teaching Shakespeare to catalyze deep thinking and authentic student engagement does require us to be resourceful: to be guide, psychologist, theater director, and scholar among other things. In 2015, we have a whole new set of tools at our disposal – tools that help…

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