3-D Printing Initiative in U.S. School Attracts International Visitors

Sacred Heart Greenwich Middle School Parent Blog

Here’s an article on how middle school students in Virginia are using 3D printers.  Sacred Heart Greenwich students have designed and Printed many items via online CAD programs and our 3D printer.  Our faculty has also learned a great deal about the technology and we look forward to including more design and engineering work, via the 3D printer as we increase our Science Technology, Engineering and Math, STEM, offerings next year.

Stephanie Thrift, 14, attaches a wire coil onto the base of a stereo speaker that she and fellow students made using 3-D printing technologies at Buford Middle School in Charlottesville, Va. An initiative there teaches advanced manufacturing skills.
—Norm Shafer for Education Week

Initiative emphasizes science, engineering

By Bryan McKenzie, The Daily Progress (MCT)
Charlottesville, Va.

With a Japanese television news crew keeping close watch on a recent school day, Buford Middle School science students crafted their own sound…

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3 thoughts on “3-D Printing Initiative in U.S. School Attracts International Visitors

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