5 Useful iPad Apps For Any Classroom

Saturday, September 8, 2012 1:45 pm, Posted by

5 Useful iPad Apps For Any Classroom


Tablets are poised to become one of the most revolutionary education tools in a generation. They have streamlined various aspects of education in such a way that we couldn’t imagine just ten years ago, causing many parents and educators to reevaluate the old textbook and notepad standards.

Children and college students alike respond to the interactivity of learning material on tablets in the form of free and modestly priced educational apps. The iPad in particular has many engaging and informative apps for those who want to incorporate tablet usage into their lesson plan. Here are 5 of my favorites.


Letterschool is a visually stunning iPad app designed to make children familiar with letters and words. The app encourages children to draw and sound out letters through fun minigames meant to give them confidence in their ability to recognize and utilize the alphabet.

For instance, you can draw out a giant letter ‘R’ by following the outline of the letter as set by a curvy set of railroad tracks (‘R’ for railroad!). In addition to alphabet and phonics education, Letterschool will help a child to write out their own name so they can start to master their personal handwriting skills.


MathBoard is the iPhone app for the math classes. The interface of the app is designed to look like an old school chalkboard from back in the day where children are encouraged to work out countless math formulas in basic arithmetic.

The math problems on MathBoard range widely in difficulty from basic addition to fairly complex division and multiplication. The app is endlessly customizable, allowing teachers to design large and small math quizzes (with or without time limits) of varying difficulty.

This is a great app for students who might be intimidated by traditional teaching methods in arithmetic!

Stack the Countries

At a slightly more advanced level is the app Stack the Countries which puts an entertaining spin on geography by streamlining the process of identifying all the world’s countries.

The app mixes teaching methods in order to achieve its goal: at first students will be subject to a multitude of flashcard exercises familiarizing them with various countries, and then they’ll be quizzed to “stack the countries” in their geographical location.

More than basic geography, this app will also teach students about capitals, country flags, known landmarks, and cultural trivia.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy may be one of the most important educational apps for the iPad if only for its diversity and quality of content. Students and educators alike will be stunned at the length and breadth of material offered on this app, as it has lessons on everything from astronomy to geometry to U.S. history lessons.

As a free app, there’s no reason why any student or teacher would pass up an opportunity to add this learning tool to their educational arsenal.


The TED organization has become famous for streaming their engrossing TED Talks on their website for free. TED Talks are educational, inspirational, and above all motivational speeches given by prominent figures in their fields about any one subject.

The TED iPad app allows a the user to stream all available TED Talks for free, so they can watch a moving lecture in microbiology or nutrition or fashion design for only the click of the button.

The app is a worthwhile download for educators and students looking for an uplifting lecture.

This guest post is contributed by Angelita Williams, who writes on the topics of online courses. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: angelita.williams7 @gmail.com.


One thought on “5 Useful iPad Apps For Any Classroom

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