Urban Innovation

Boston Tree Party (© Kazuhiro Tomaru/a.collectionRF/Getty Images)
Pome Work (Boston)

What do you get when you combine dozens of apple trees, an urban environment and a healthy dose of political activism? The Boston Tree Party, of course.

But this party isn’t about dumping sacks of seeds into the harbor to protest government-imposed taxation on produce. Instead, activist volunteers plant trees in pairs around town. Their core tenets? The Boston Tree Party aims to be a public arts project, “a performative reimagining of American political expression” and an urban agricultural project. Sounds like a tall order for humble seedlings.

In the past year, dozens of so-called “delegations” (groups of individuals from the city’s schools, churches, businesses, etc.) across the metropolitan area have been quietly planting pairs of heirloom apple trees. Each delegation receives a planting kit, which it can use at will. In a few years, these seedlings will grow into trees that beautify the community, purify the air and feed passers-by. Quite the fruitful endeavor.

Want to get a slice of the action? The Tree Party is always looking for new delegates.

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