Lunar Buggy Project in 5th grade Science class

The 5th graders finished a project in science class where they had to design and build a model of a lunar buggy that will carry equipment and astronauts on the surface of the moon.  The girls were given a box of materials that they were to use to create the lunar buggy.  The girls first investigated their materials and created a design for their lunar buggy in small groups. After they drew a detailed design of their lunar buggy, the groups started to build.  As the girls built their lunar buggies, there was 5 challenges they had to keep in mind.  The main challenge being they had to roll the lunar buggy down a ramp for a distance of about 100 cm beyond the ramp.  The lunar buggy also needed to include cargo (10 pennies or washers) and 2 astronauts that were not taped or glued into place. It took about 2 weeks to create the lunar buggies and then they were able to test them on the ramps.   They were to choose three different styles of the landing ramp, adjusting the height of the ramp (from the floor) each time.  Then the girls evaluated their project, answering several questions on a worksheet.  One question asked, did you change the original design of your lunar buggy?  Another asked, what challenges/difficulties did you come across as you designed your lunar buggy.

This project demonstrated an understanding of the Engineering process while using critical thinking to successfully complete a team challenge.

In a few weeks, the groups will be building and designing a landing pod for the model lunar buggy they built.  More to come…

Here’s a link to the story and photos on the CSH website


2 thoughts on “Lunar Buggy Project in 5th grade Science class

  1. The girls in all the sections of 5th grade science enjoyed the activity. After several revisions by each group, each team successfully built a lunar buggy. The next phase of the astronomy unit is for the girls to build and design their own solar system object.

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