Chivalry in 6th grade history

As part of their unit on the medieval period in Europe, the students read about and discussed codes of chivalry, and then read two examples of codes of chivalry dating from the middle ages. In groups, they picked 5 examples (from about 25) which they thought best showed what chivalry meant. Each group wrote their list on the board and we compared them. Finally, applying what they knew about chivalry, each group made up a code of chivalry for the sixth grade. We discussed the sources in their lives that they could use help them (examples included the Goals and Criteria, the Bible, American values, their parents, teachers, and friends). Each group wrote a code of chivalry and shared it with the rest of the class. I was pleasantly surprised by their collaboration and and application of their knowledge.


One thought on “Chivalry in 6th grade history

  1. Sounds like a great assignment on many fronts:
    -A student centered activity
    -The girls collaborated with each other
    -The girls applied their knowledge to a real issue – critical thinking!
    -This could be a great model to help the 6th grade move forward in understanding their role in creating and maintaining a positive community

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