Plastic Polymers and Recycling: Please Post a Fun Fact or Recycling Tip on our Website

During the months of November and December, my seventh graders explored a new world of plastic polymers. Each group of about 4 students assigned the kind of plastic each student should bring to class. During their explorations, they made predictions of the physical features of each kind of plastic based on the information they had of each plastic’s unique chemical structure. They also discovered the physical characteristics (such as stretchy, soft, hard, crinkly and so on) of each of the six main kinds of plastics from number1 through number6. Each group also conducted investigations and communicated their findings to the rest of the class. During a plastics analysis lab, they performed experiments to see which kind of plastic pellet would float or sink in different liquids. They discovered during that experiment that a plastic pellet that floats in alcohol and oil would also float in water. Also, that plastic number 6 would soften in acetone (nail polish remover). I am in contact with the Recycling Center in Greenwich to find out the new technology they are using for the single stream recycling program so my students can explore the concept in class. Also, Kiki came into my class and helped the students to create a recycling website. Each of my four classes created a webpage on the site, where they have posted information such as recycling tips, fascinating facts, recycling games, and general information. The girls would appreciate if you would visit the 7th grade recycling website at: username: password: convent1112 and post a recycling tip or fascinating fact.


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