Language project for 7th grade

I have an advertisement group project for 7th graders–they decide the product to be promoted, create prodcut name, slogan, ad plot, and then filming and editing using iMovie.  Each group member is assigned a role–typing the script, prepare a word bank, and English subtitles.  A rubrics is given.  The grading includes written and oral parts, containing both individual and group grades.  The one thing I wish they could do is using target language in their discussion.  Any good suggestions?


5 thoughts on “Language project for 7th grade

  1. That’s the most difficult issue to address…unfortunately when we do such group projects (collaboration) , the target language may suffer…to explain the directions and rubrics in the target language would be to time costly. Another issue is that doing too many group projects ans necessary explanations leads to overuse of English in the class…to pursue a more rigorous use of the target language will leave the weaker students overwhelmed, confused and isolated…. for the sake of a single child, remember. So I believe the only answer I can give you is…you know your students, use Eng/Chinese in moderation, and maybe designate a period of time during the lesson/project work in which only Chinese is acceptable. It is the eternal conflict of dreams versus the harsh realities! I hope this helped.

    • You speak my mind!! When doing this type of project, it is actually focusing more on writing and presentational skills, not so much of inter-personal communicative skill that I hope the students to exercise. This year, I am planning to have a pre-project class brain-storming so that the class as a whole can contribute ideas using target language and know how to construct sentences within their ability. And at the end of the project, they get quiz–1. What is your product? 2. Why should I buy your product?

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