I visited Andrea’s History class


3 thoughts on “I visited Andrea’s History class

  1. it was a class on West African History. The 6th grade students explored different landscapes of that part of the world.

  2. Andrea’s 6th grade students worked in groups of four to discover the Geography of sub-Saharan Africa. Each student in each group had three activity sheets – 1) a blank map of Africa, 2) a worksheet with a word bank that contained natural features of Africa such as oceans, rivers, highland, plain, desert, lake and sea. Also on the worksheet was a list of about 10 questions. An example of a question was “What is the largest river flowing through the Congo Basin and emptying into the Atlantic? and 3) a sheet that contained information on the location and information on Africa’s natural features. The task of each group was to fill in the answers on the worksheet and to fill in Africa’s natural features on the blank map by using their information sheet and a map of Africa in their textbook. As you can imagine, the students had to find information by using at least 2 resources – their information sheet and a map from the textbook. It was interesting to watch each member of one group in particular as they worked together. Each member of the group was assigned a task to find the answers to a series of questions (2 or 3 questions) that related to a part of Africa and to fill in the features on the blank map. Afterwards, the group checked their answers, and if there was an answer they were still confused or unsure about, they brainstormed by using the information and map from the textbook, and then corrected the answer. I think a piece of information that stood out for one group was that the mountain range in northwestern Africa is the Atlas mountain and not Mt. Kilimanjaro. Also that Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa is located in Northeast Tanzania, and is an extinct volcano with two peaks.

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