Collaboration Reflection

Hi Everyone,

Let’s use this blog to share our experiences providing opportunities for student collaboration.  Here’s the plan:

  • Go to the “cshmsfaculty” tab in the upper left hand corner of the site and follow the link “new”
  • Choose a new “post”
  • Share your thoughts on collaboration.  This could include: your experience observing your colleague’s collaboration lesson, a collaboration lesson that you conducted, what you have learned about providing opportunities for student collaboration and/or any comments or questions you may have about student collaboration.  Ideally, you will write something that will inspire your colleagues to respond to and collaborate with you!
  • Access the blog periodically to read your colleague’s posts and to respond when appropriate.

Thanks everyone, happy blogging!



6 thoughts on “Collaboration Reflection

    • I see a lot of genius in your teaching, Thayer — but I can’t tell them that in there, BECAUSE I’M AFRAID THEY’LL SEE RIGHT THROUGH ME.

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